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concept of grass fibers of PE reduces resistance to slip and prevents the risk of sunburn or abrasions in the fall athletes, reduces the possibility of injury

very thick mixture was flat and corrugated 100% PE fiber in combination with a spring washer EPP gives optimal biomechanical and ergonomic and physiologic parameters of the body athletes

spring washer provides multidirectional suspension, high impact absorption, optimum reflection - all increase gaming comfort and tranquility return energy and reduces fatigue athletes

ideal friction and sliding properties for optimum maneuverability (stop, change direction, start-up)


Canadian-Swiss innovation represents a true revolution in the technology of artificial turf. It is a combination of specially designed bezzásypového artificial turf and resilient cushioning pads of expanded polypropylene EPP (Neopolen P), which was originally developed by BASF for the automotive and aerospace industry. Up to the demands of leading physiotherapists and biomechanics of this material was subsequently adapted for sports and recreational use. Thanks to its excellent mechanical properties affects and reduces the negative effects of the impact, reduces fatigue and increases the performance of athletes and provides maximum gaming comfort comparable to natural grass.


Technical Features

Compared to backfill lawns that require a relatively large yearly cost for maintenance, lawn XL TURF has very low maintenance costs - just remove leaves, pine needles and dirt vacuuming and occasional brushing any other household equipment

Quick and relatively simple installation without demanding Machinery

The possibility of a very intensive year-round use in any weather

Reusability - the system is fully recyclable

Long life - a guarantee of 8 years

Can be installed on various types of substrates and surfaces of different shapes

Maximum Respect for Athletes - Maximum Gaming Comfort

XL Turf synthetic grass has been developed as a sports surface up safe and gentle for the body of athletes with the ultimate gaming comfort especially for football.


XL Turf synthetic grass (sometimes called artificial turf of the new "5th generation"), designed as XL TURF PRO or XL TURF MULTI is the ideal sports surface for club training courses, educational, recreational and public playgrounds, sports halls and other s main focus on football, which provides maximum comfort. It is made in several other embodiments for use as the outer and the inner sports, which are especially suitable for golf, paintball, landscaping purposes and the like.

Given that the overall concept lawn XL TURF is the maximum cushioning, flexibility and respect for the organism is not suitable for tennis, basketball and similar sports that require greater reflection of the ball at impact (you must use clean fill technology).


Installation of artificial turf XL TURF consists in laying the first elastic EPP pad that comes in the form of "puzzle" (125x85cm), the locking joint. Subsequently, the pad develops its own artificial turf comes in rolls of size by size reputed area (max. Width is 4 m to 25 m coil). The joints are bulging Separate polyurethane adhesive is applied to the reinforcing polyester textiles. At the edges of the field turf is usually glued to the edge curbs, paving the way for pop-opens and destruction. Čiarovanie lawn XL TURF can be carried out by the cutting and pasting lines, but can also convert spraying polyurethane or acrylic paint.

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