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BUILT-IN RESILIENCE - The Heliflex technology is designed with a spiral-shaped yarn to achieve an exceptionally resilient grass. As soon as pressure is exerted, the yarn experiences tension and will spring back upright. The ball rolls on the tips of the artificial grass fibres, guaranteeing excellent ball behaviour. The players have the feeling more than ever that they are playing on ideal natural grass.

SHORTER INSTALLATION TIME - The HELIFLEX spiral-shaped fibres are always standing straight, which makes the infill slide more quickly and more easily in the grass.

HOLDS INFILL IN PLACE - The monotape holds the infill in place, preventing it from being displaced during play and keeping the pitch nice and even. The tips of this film split, forming a perfect protective layer for the artificial grass infill. The "splash test" results carried out by LABOSPORT indicates Category 1, the best result achievable. This means that the grass excellently holds the infill.

LOOKS JUST LIKE NATURAL GRASS - VarioSlide has a very beautiful and natural appearance. The integration of the extra monotape gives the grass a luxurious look. The shades of green of the fibres are inspired by natural colours.

MAINTENANCE FRIENDLY - A VarioSlide pitch requires regular brushing. Topping up with rubber and sweeping are limited by the monotape net that holds the infill in place and keeps it level during brushing, or when clearing the snow from a pitch.

ADVANCED POLYMERS - Lab wear tests show that the use of advanced polymers in combination with the special propeller profile of the monofilament produces a durable grass mat. A polymer consists of several monomers, and each monomer composed of several carbon atoms. This unique yarn combination easily passes the 50,000 cycle LISPORT test, equivalent to around 10 to 15 years of normal football play.


VarioSlide S PRO is a revolutionary grass with top-notch technical playing properties. It uses the unique "Duo Yarn System" patented by Domo® Sports Grass. This technology incorporates two different yarn varieties into one single grass product: the monofilament HELIFLEX yarn and a cross-linked MONOTAPE. This unique combination brings a number of additional benefits.



FIFA Quality Concept - Fulfils the laboratory requirements for FIFA 1 and 2 STAR standard

German standard DIN

Swiss standard ESSM105D

French standard NFP90-112

Dutch standard NOCNSF-KNVB2-15

European standard EN 15330-1


Yarn (dtex) 16000 PE - T/M
Straight S
Pile Height 60mm
Nett pile weight gr/m2) 1700
Gauge 5/8"
Stitches 130/lm
Tufts per m2 8190
Tuft-cloth D1
Total weight (gr/m2) 2970
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