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MAXIMUM WEAR RESISTANCEAt 400 microns, the DuraForce fibre is exceptionally strong. Thanks to its robustness, the DuraForce grass will fade or age at a slower pace and has excellent wear-resistance properties.

A NEW POLYMER COMPOSITIONDuraForce is designed with a fibre based on a new PE polymer composition. Domo® 's R&D division has developed an extremely hard-wearing and, at the same time, soft-touch yarn. This is due to the perfect balance of various elements such as the thickness of the fibre, the softness of the polymer and its elastic nature.

HARD-WEARING, YET SOFT-TOUCH FIBREPlayers regularly touch the grass mat with their hands, arms, knees or even their face. DuraForce is made from a very tough fibre that guarantees durability. Grass mats of such fibre thickness quickly become very rigid and hard. DuraForce is unique in combining a robust fibre with a soft touch, thanks to an innovative polymer composition.

GOOD RESILIENCEThe DuraForce fibre has a unique trilobal profile. This shape gives the fibre the necessary backbone to remain upright. The built-in trilobal profile also gives the fibre the necessary tension that ensures it will spring back up after having been compressed.

HIGH UV STABILITYHigh UV stability thanks to the solid nature of the fibre.


This artificial grass is made from an exceptionally strong fibre, which guarantees the best possible wear resistance. Thanks to the specific choice of polymers, a soft-touch playing surface can also be promised, which is exceptional with such heavy grass qualities.



German standard DIN

French standard NFP90-112

European standard EN 15330-1

FIFA Quality Concept - Fulfils the laboratory requirements for FIFA 1&2 STAR standard

Dutch standard NOCNSF-KNVB2-15


Yarn (dtex) 14000 PE - M
Straight S
Pile Height 65mm
Nett pile weight gr/m2) 1650
Gauge 5/8"
Stitches 130/lm
Tufts per m2 8190
Tuft-cloth R3
Total weight (gr/m2) 2950
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