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Artificial surfaces Casale features bituminous surfaces for all sports that require a relatively hard surface - tennis (ITF certified), basketball, volleyball, handball, indoor football, athletics, hockey, cycling, roller skating, bowling and many others. A wide variety of different types of surfaces for specific sports and the multifunctional playground. Especially for sports surfaces for wheelchairs.


Tennis Surfaces

Grand Court tennis courts CASALI are designed to meet the highest technical standards and games, as well as requirements for surface quality required in modern tennis. Comfort, ease of play, the quality of which is guaranteed by the ITF (International Tennis Federation) certification and continuous power for many years - these are the factors that make the courts CASALI rank among the most technically and qualitatively advanced in the world. That is why these synthetic courts for years used in all major international tournaments.


Surfaces for Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts. Supersoft offers all the advantages of a hard court with the elasticity and comfort of a synthetic court. The composition of the synthetic resins gives a uniform surface that Ensures excellent technical performance: improved comfort, perfect ball bounce, slide and excellent friction coefficient ratio and high impact absorption To ensure a fast, safe and enjoyable game. The flooring is durable, easy to lay, requires no maintenance and is resistant to abrasion and even the most aggressive weather conditions. The Supersoft system Which is certified by the ITF in Class 4 (medium-fast) and by the Giordano Institute for fire resistance class 1 in Italy, is the official surface for some of the most important international tennis tournaments. Supersoft is also ideal for outdoor basketball, volleyball, five-a-side Football and handball courts.


Surfaces for Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts. Real elasticity and impact absorption are the main characteristics of this system. The synthetic resin compound with intermediate rubber granule layer in fact gives the flooring excellent elasticity and resilience, improving ball bounce and reducing joint trauma. Certified by ITF in class3 (medium), the Supersoft Doppio system Ensures comfort and a fast game as well as excellent resistance to wear and weather and requires no maintenance while Ensuring durable performance over the years. Supersoft Doppio is ideal as an outdoor court for basketball, volleyball, five-a-side Football, handball.

SURFACE evolution / WS SURFACE EVOlution

Surfaces for Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts. The special rubber "cushion" containing granules without quartz chips and coated by a highly elastic synthetic resin Surface Evolution make the latest generation of innovative and highly advanced sports surfaces. The elastic potential of the rubbery "cushion" and the high resistance of the synthetic coating Ensure extraordinary elasticity to the surfaces, Which reduce joint traumas Ensuring major safety to players while offering all the advantages of a durable flooring Which is resistant to weather and UV rays . The Surface Evolution system is certified by the ITF in Class 2 (medium-slow) and by the Giordano Institutes for resistance to fire class 1 in Italy. Surface Evolution is ideal for outdoor courts for basketball, volleyball, five-a-side Football and handball.


Indoor and outdoor synthetic surfaces for tennis courts or multipurpose sports flooring. Thanks to its thick elastic composition and Consequent high impact absorption capacity, the system guarantees a major comfort, and fast game and perfect ball bounce to players. Confosport The system is easy to apply, requires no maintenance and Ensures durable performance over the years. Also available in the Confosport T version, finished with paint for Sports Top Which Involve major and more frequent contact with the flooring. Confosport is ideal as an outdoor court for basketball, volleyball, five-a-side Football and handball.


Surfaces for Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts. The special multi-layer composition Consisting of select SBR granules and 100% synthetic resin with extraordinary binding properties make Supersoft Pro Turf the ideal tennis court surface since it Ensures the perfect ball bounce, comfort and speed required by hard courts as well as high resistance to weather agents and UV rays. The Supersoft Pro Turf System is certified by the ITF in class 3 (medium).

Multipurpose Surfaces


Supersoft SG is an indoor or outdoor sports flooring especially designed for wheelchair sports Such as basketball, tennis or athletics. The special finish Which makes the surface harder and less slippery, improves the adherence of the two wheels on Which the load of the athlete is concentrated.


The safe and versatile Pavisint SL 75 system is designed especially for indoor multipurpose sports clubs and gyms. The granular rubber mat and the Spormat selflevelling polyurethane resin based finish make the surface elastic and resistant and ideal for basketball, volleyball, five-a-side Football and any other sport Which may be played on a synthetic court or in schools. The system reduces the risks of slipping, reduces muscle fatigue and Ensures better ball bounce thanks to the application by casting Which produces a seamless surface Which Maintains its technical performance over the years. Colours available: color card with 16 colors.


The Polysport system is the ideal solution for the realization of indoor or outdoor synthetic floorings Which must be versatile and comfortable enough for different sports but also ductile and resistant to abrasion, weather and maintenance free.


The specific technical specifications of skating rinks and the versatility of a surface that may be used for multipurpose sports floorings mean that our skating rink surfaces meet the highest technical standards required by this sport while their special coating make them excellent synthetic surfaces for any other sport.

The Rollertop system was developed for the realization of artistic skating rinks and Complies with specifications for cycling tracks, specifically on bituminous bed. The particular coating used gives a hard, smooth, non-slip surface with technical characteristics Which are ideal for skating.


Colorsint consists of a resin charged with special fillers, pigments and aggregate materials for the coloring and the protection of cycling tracks and preferential lanes. This product is certified by ANAS for resistance to fuels and by the Giordano Institute for resistance to fire (Class 1), Colorsint is wear resistant and non-slip (dray and wet) and Ensures stable, nonreflecting colors Which are resistant to UV rays.


COLORTOP is the ideal solution for coloring and protecting floorings in bitumen compound and is resistant to abrasion, the aggressive action of fuels in general and kerosene. This product is Particularly suitable for airports, petrol stations and parking areas as well as cycling and pedestrian tracks. (ANAS Certification)


Bowling surfaces must be resistant to the impact of the bowling ball and Ensure smooth and precise placing of the ball: Our bowling surfaces meet the very complex technical specifications required by this sport while Ensuring lasting performance, quality and durabilty.

Ribosint is designed for the realization of indoor and outdoor courts and bowls is a polyurethane resin based system with EPDM granules Finish Which May be applied on asphalt and cement decks. The surface, Which is dusted lightly with quartz sand, meets all the technical requirements and finish of the bowls world even at tournament level. On request the product may also be supplied with Class 1 fire reaction certification (Ribosint P).

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Surface Type Tennis Multipurpose Cycling Roller Skating Bowling Disabled Person in Wheelchair
SUPERSOFT Excellent Appropriate
SUPERSOFT DOPPIO Excellent Appropriate
SURFACE EVOLUTION Excellent Appropriate
CONFOSPORT Excellent Appropriate
PAVISINT SL 75 Appropriate Excellent Appropriate
PREMIUM Appropriate Excellent
Polysport Appropriate Excellent
Athlon 45 / SB Appropriate Excellent
COLORTOP Excellent
RIBOSINT Excellent
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